There are very few articles of clothing that can seamlessly fit both an art gallery opening and a quick, early morning trip to Starbucks. A black blazer is one of those items. Every girl needs at least one well-fitted blazer in her closet because such a classic item can easily be dressed up or dress down, simply by manipulating the other articles of clothing. For example... A black blazer with dark wash denim and some sweet pointed shoes? Perfect for an evening out. The very same blazer, joined with a tank top and broken-in vintage jeans serves as something beautifully suitable for a stroll through the city.

Here are some things to note: Such a structured jacket is typically masculine (in fact, the pictured jacket from Urban Outfitters is the Lux Boyfriend Blazer), but this is where I, once again, stress the fit. Unless you are going for that "little boy who likes to wear daddy's suits" look, ladies, make sure the blazer does not fit like a bag over your body. The only thing worse than wearing a shapeless mass on your body is wearing a mass that has shapes in all the wrong places. If the cut shoulders fit too far apart, you risk looking like a linebacker. If the sleeves are too short, you risk looking like Pee-Wee Herman. Fit is everything, especially with blazers.

But, when worn properly, the basic black blazer is a staple to any closet and is not likely to go out of style. Well, that is until arms become obsolete.