Invest in a pair of classic aviator shades and you will not have to worry about your protective eyewear going out of style. I remember a few years ago during the most recent surge in aviator popularity, I found a pair of my father's old aviators from the early '80s and I marveled at how the glasses still looked like they came straight from the latest fashion magazines. It's true: For the past three decades or so, aviator shades have happily coasted alongside the more fickle eye candy trends, from Tom Cruise's Risky Business Ray-Ban Wayfarers to Nicole Richie's bug-eyed super-shades.

The glasses were originally made by Ray-Ban for military pilots back in the 1930s. The style has since been a staple to the military and law enforcement wardrobe, but has also found wide popularity in the civilian public's everyday wear, most recently during the 2000s' retro obsession.

Honestly, one can never go wrong with these glasses. Hipster holy land Urban Outfitters carries plenty and, if you're willing to pay more, labels like Dior carry aviators too.