You see it at the playground, in the grocery, bent over in front of a minivan ... it's the mom jean butt and it isn't pretty. For years and years moms, typically over the age of 40, have been sporting these jeans and I don't know why. Mom jeans can be identified by their hideous light wash, tapered legs, a nine inch zipper, and a some plain back pockets that makes mama's butt look huge. Mom jeans are sold at places I would never set foot in like Sears, Kohl's or Mervyn's. Just because a style sticks doesn't mean it's okay. Moms, even your cult leader favorite talk show host, Oprah, hates mom jeans. This quote is lifted from Oprah's website:

If the waistband of your jeans could double as a push-up bra or your backside looks flatter than a flapjack, you're guilty of wearing "mom jeans." While moms may not want to wear their daughters' trendy, low-rise jeans, there are plenty of brands out there that cater to mature women with good fashion sense.

Mom jeans are not flattering; they actually showcase any imperfection your body has to offer. Mom jeans tend to compress the backside forcing it to spread to the side, making it looks flatter and fatter than it actually is. The hips also suffer in these jeans, by further emphasizing them due to the tapering of the legs. Mom jeans are like a gateway drug to bad fashion and often lead to more fashion mistakes such as thin belts, tucked in tops, cardigans with holiday themes or wildlife on them, quilted purses, and Keds shoes.

I wish I could say I was hopeful that mom jeans would stop sticking, but they just keep on ticking. Check out this video from YouTube to see some hot mom jeans in action.