A StyleList reder recently emailed in with the following question:

Can you give me information on stylish lines of clothing for women and men for the 60+ crowd? I'm looking for lines that design with "mature" figures in mind, but still have a great sense of style.

Great question! Why should the young people have all the fun? Kudos to you for caring about your sense of fashion at 60 plus -- if only everyone your age could feel the same way. But I digress ...

There are some great lines out there that cater to an more mature crowd and they are nothing you would see standing in line for senior citizen discount at Denny's.

High End- There are a few high end designers you can look to either to purchase clothing from or just to grab some inspiration from. All brands can be found at Nordstrom.com as well.
  • Tory Burch: Although the brand is best known for her trendy flats, Tory Burch makes great clothing for mature women. With nice high necklines, tailored pants, knee length skirts and dresses; you are sure to draw inspiration from Tory Burch's Fall line.
  • St. John: Represent classic American style that is always polished and sophisticated for the modern woman. Known for their exceptional knits and timeless silhouttes, a woman of any age can appreciate this style.
  • Longchamp: Even though troubled model Kate Moss is the spokesperson for the brand doesn't mean everything Longchamp offers is for those crazy kids. Longchamp has great bags and accessories to polish your look.

The Look for Less- These brands can find at your local mall, check the sale rack to stock up on good stuff for cheap.
  • Banana Republic: This mall store has a ton of classic pieces that will make great staples in your wardrobe. A great place to stock up on tailored pants.
  • Coach: Sure they can be a little on the pricey side at times, but Coach is easily accessible to the masses and has great add on accessories like gloves and hat that will add a fashionable touch to some of your plainer outfits.
  • Ann Taylor: Another great mall store that caters to women of all ages. Ann Taylor always cuts to keep things modest with out being covered up from head-to-toe. Because lets face it, just because you are 60 plus doesn't mean you don't still have it going on.