Ugg boots4 years ago I scoured eBay and then waited in line at Nordstrom waiting for the new shipment of Uggs to come in. Back then I had no idea that these ugly boots (that the fashion industry made me want) would stick around.

Uggs are a sheepskin boot with a wool inner lining. The boots traditionally come in tan; but also come in black, purple, pink, and many other silly colors. Uggs didn't come out in 2003, they just had a sudden spike in popularity. They have actually always been a hit in Australia and New Zealand, since they came out 200 years ago. They reached extreme popularity after World War I and II when they were needed to keep warm on non-pressured planes. Ugg boots regained popularity in the 1960's with the surf and swimming crowds.

Pretty impressive huh?

No matter how Ugg-ly these boots may be, they sure are warm. Then why are the so popular in Los Angeles and other warmer climates you might ask. Perhaps because the inside fibers allows air to circulate giving them a cooling affect as well. You don't even needs socks with Uggs because they are designed to be worn without them. Gee, these boots sounds pretty magical. Oh and don't go for the knock-off, they are made of cow and not sheep so they don't have the same breathable qualities.

Celebrities love Ugg boots too. Pamela Anderson kicked them off for us in the U.S by wearing them between takes on the set of Baaywatch. That is until her blond moment came and she realized Uggs were made out of animals. Kate Hudon, Sienna Miller, Kate Winslet, and many others.