I have a request/complaint for you. Why isn't "fashionista" in your database? I use the word everyday and everyday that annoying little red line highlights the word as a misspelling. It's a word!

Don't believe me? The Urban Dictionary defines it as a word. You can even check out my own definition as proof. Perhaps it will sway you into updating your database. Well, at least think about it.

Fashionista (fash-uh-nee-stuh)

- noun

A person who lives, breaths, and bleeds fashion. This individual may or may not be in the fashion industry, but must be an extreme fashion enthusiast. Symptoms of a fashionista include an overstuffed closet, stacks of Vogue, extremely high credit card bills, and bags that cost more than most people's rent.

So spell checker, what do you say? Can you please stop red lining my favorite word in the English language? End of rant. Thank you.