crochet ugg bootsI have an interesting relationship with Ugg boots. In 2003 when Uggs made their wild comeback, I stood in line and purchased a pair. At the time, I am not even sure I actually liked them, but they were hot and I wanted to make people jealous. I ended up wearing them everyday that winter: with dresses, with pants, out in the snow, inside watching a movie ... I wore them 24/7. Once the winter ended so did my Ugg boots, I placed them back in their box and shelved them.

Living in LA has stirred the Ugg beast. I wanted to pull them out but I couldn't -- I couldn't be one of "them" could I? Today I was struck by the beast. I pulled out my dusty Ugg box and place my foot inside the sheepskin boots. Oh Uggs, how I missed you and your comfort.

One problem, they were way too big on me. Which got me to thinking ... I need a new pair of Uggs. So as a change of Ugg pace I want to go with the crochet version. They will serve the same purpose as regular pair of Uggs ... they won't necessarily match anything and they will be comfortable.

What do you all think, love them or leave them at the store where they belong?