The biggest story to come out of Fashion Week in Milan isn't Jil Sander's new collection or Naomi Campbell's triumphal return to the catwalk; it's a billboard. The shocking Nolita billboard features a photograph of a 27-year-old French woman by the name of Isabella Caro. Next to her 68-pound frame, the poster reads "No Anorexia." Though Caro is not a model, she has suffered from anorexia for 14 years.

The billboard has been endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health. Officials claim the image promotes responsibility for the worldwide problem of anorexia.

Designers, on the other hand, feel differently. Giorgio Armani challenged the connection between anorexia and the fashion industry, saying, "Even people who take no notice of fashion get anorexic." Dolce and Gabbana echoed that sentiment, pointing out that anorexia is a psychological ailment that has "nothing to do with fashion."

So what do you think of this poster? Is it too much? Do you think it is fair to pin the problem of anorexia on the fashion industry?