Do you ever wish that the products you once loved never went away?

I know I do. Every time I walk into the Body Shop, my heart aches a little when I look at the shampoo shelves. Nostalgia takes over, and I start to think back on the day that I discovered Body Shop's Blue Ice shampoo. The color, the smell, the tingly scalp feeling I'd get when I left it on a little too long -- oh it was so wonderful! Why did they ever discontinue it?!?

And don't even get me started on how much I miss Express's short-lived production of lingerie, which yielded the best pair of underwear I have ever worn in my life. (Confession: I still have them! Who cares if they're 8 years old?)

Alas, the list of items I have loved and lost seems endless: Clearly Canadian's sparkling raspberry drink in the clear glass bottle; aluminum-free Adidas deodorant; Concord grape New York Seltzer Water; the old Tide smell; Diet Coke with lemon (I hate the lime version)...

Now that we're on the topic of discontinued favorites, what are yours? Leave a comment, and we'll randomly pick one person to receive the discontinued item of their heart's desire! Just kidding about that last part, but let us know what you've loved and lost anyway.