alexander mcqueen mac cosmeticsI am a bit of a makeup junkie. I have every eyeshadow, lip gloss, bronzer, powder, pouf, and brush under the sun -- except for this. What is this you ask? This is the new cosmetic collection for MAC designed by Alexander McQueen.

British bad-boy/fashion designer Alexander McQueen has been wowing us on the runway for years, and now he brings his creative talent to your face. In McQueen's last fashion show he was inspired by Cleopatra. It took a little bit of work to perfect the look for his runway show, but once it was perfected, it was gold. Well, not so much gold, but vibrant blues and greens.

Now he is bringing those runway colors to a cosmetic counter near you. This month MAC is releasing his 16-piece collection that was developed specifically for his show. Something tells me this collection will do just as well (if not better) than the MAC Loves Barbie campaign. I know I will be waiting in line.