george clonneyMetrosexuality is so five minutes ago; today it's all about "menergy." Right now the days of men taking more time in the bathroom and dressing better than women are over. These days the testosterone meter is set on high and the 'man's-man' is here to stay.

Last month, The New York Times' Horacio Silva used the term "menergy" to describe the "anti-metrosexual, hyper-masculine" energy that was circulating throughout Milan Fashion Week during the menswear segments.

It appears that the "menergy" that was flowing through Fashion Week has worked its way over to Hollywood. George Clooney has ditched his clean shaved face for a scruffier salt-and-pepper whisker look. Super-hottie Benicio Del Toro has put his razor away too. The actor showed off a bearded mug on the cover of Esquire's October issue.

Fashion pro Robert Verdi says, "[it's] a return to real men." Amen to that Robert! I am sick of seeing men sitting next me to at the nail salon. What do you all think, do you like your men 'manly' or properly groomed in a metrosexual way?

Check out our gallery of stars with "menergy" here:


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