Last week, Lauren introduced us to a new development in men's style called menergy.

Because this is a new trend, I feel entitled to wax poetic about my favorite menergist, Clive Owen. Check him out, folks: the unkempt eyebrows, the real wrinkles, the lack of lip gloss.

He's so menergy. From his clothes to the way he carries himself, Clive falls somewhere between the pretty boy leading man and the grizzly character actor. He strikes a great balance between the gentleman and the not-so-gentle-man.

So as far as I'm concerned, Clive is way more menergy than Clooney. (Don't think I forgot about the Caesar cut that launched a thousand grooming products.)

But you can judge for yourself in the photo gallery below. Just make sure you take note of the non-waxed man pelt in photo three -- it's nice!

Clive Owen

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