I love me some shoes. But, I really love me some SPARKLY shoes. And, if I get all the credit for said shoes looking so incredibly fabulous, I'm pretty sure I've just died and gone to shoe heaven!

Flaming Tulle brought to my attention a tutorial for Swarovski embellished shoes, which I think is BRILLIANT because, as much as I love fabulous sparkly shoes, I don't love the price tag that comes along with them. And, as Flaming Tulle points out, you could substitute any sparkly goody of your choice for pricey Swarovski crystals and get just the look you want.

Upon viewing the actual tutorial, I was fairly disappointed. The instructions pretty much consisted of:
  1. Get shoes.

  2. Buy pretty stuff to put on shoes.

  3. Glue pretty stuff on your shoes.

  4. Wear shoes with pretty stuff on them.
Oh, and plus, the shoe they show as an example (pictured here) looks like a Bedazzler thew up on it.

I know none of us are forcing our bridesmaids into Dyeables, so maybe this is a fun new solution to having some consistency in bridesmaids' shoes -- just plan out your design ahead of time so I don't have to Fashion Police your wedding!