Does the thought of another holiday filled with over-crowded malls, fighting families, and incessantly jolly tunes about gift-giving fat men make you cringe? Don't worry, Scrooge, Urban Outfitters has your back.

They've created this not so subtle "Santa Claus Hates You" t-shirt, which prominently features 'ol Kris Kringle giving those saccharine seasonal revelers the finger. That's that!

While at first glance, this shirt is kind of funny, it's also trying way too hard (just like everything else you'll find at Urban Outfitters). That said, I can see it working in colder climates -- peaking through multiple layers, partially covered by your scarf, so that anyone who catches the message will be surprised (and not affronted).

A word of caution though: avoid wearing this around kids. As parent, I can assure you that one look at this disgruntled version of St. Nick will send children into snotty, tearful hysterics -- leaving you to deal with some very angry moms and dads, who are probably already about to snap from all the holiday-related stress. I'm just sayin'.

[via Fashion Indie]