fighting eel aimee dressOn a day that's wholly devoted to eating, you've got to be conscious of what you're wearing. While my go to outfit for this day is a terry-cloth tracksuit in all black because of its elastic waist, it's not always appropriate when you're entertaining guests for dinner (or if you are a guest at someone else's house). The best thing to do is to wear something comfortable that will allow your waist a little room to grow. FIghting Eel's Aimee Dress is a soft, stretch jersey dress in a babydoll shape which, other than a trapeze-style dress, is probably the best type of dress to wear. The material is largely spandex, so it will stretch, and the three-quarter length sleeves mean you won't accidentally "dip" it in the gravy on your plate when you're reaching across the table for a second helping.

Available at Queen Bee Clothing, on sale for $115.50 from $165.