Wellies -- those big rubber boots that you wear in the rain -- are huge this year. You can find them in every imaginable color and pattern; J. Crew is carrying some with ribbon trim, just to make them even more festive. But wellies with your wedding gown?

Sure, why not? Especially if you are going to be slogging around in the outdoors. Much more practical than heels or peep toes.

This pair, from shoe maven Kate Spade, has a brilliant red floral print on a white background -- perfect with a short white dress and a bright red bouquet. Wellies aren't for every bride, of course, but for those who want to be married out in nature, or who are young at heart and a little bit funky, a bright wellie just might be the perfect shoe.

Kate Spade Riley red daisy rain boot, available at Nordstrom for $125.00.