At first, the thought of a Justin Timberlake-inspired fashion line might make your squeamish. After all, if the clothing is anything like his music, it'll be irritating, repetitive, and full of enough faux macho energy to fill an arena football locker room.

However, this time, the star won't be producing clothing for guys. Unlike the surprisingly stylish William Rast label Timberlake launched last year, this new endeavor (with designer J. Lindeberg) is going to be sporty, casual -- and just for the ladies.

As with most celebrity "collaborations," I'm sure Timberlake will be involved in the creation of this line more or less in name only. And in all honesty, this is probably a good thing. Even if the singer does have a hidden talent for fashion design, J. Lindeberg's collection is fairly strong already -- so Timberlake or no Timberlake, keep an eye on this line, as it certainly has potential.