Grey's Anatomy fans rejoice! You're going to be seeing a lot more of Patrick Dempsey, the show's hunky leading man, over the next couple months. When he's not tantalizing the ladies as Dr. Derek Shepard, Dempsey will be the new face of Versace, featured in ads for the label's spring/summer '08 collection.

According to Versace, "Patrick represents everything that is great about this collection -- he has that confidence, he is completely comfortable in his own skin, which is so attractive. He is the modern man of today and of course looks fantastic in the clothes."

The only drawback? Versace will be using Dempsey's image to promote men's clothing. And while I'm sure most men would enjoy being the object of women's affections, I seriously doubt they'll buy clothing from a guy referred to as Dr. McDreamy by his lady admirers. Seems like Versace is targeting the girlfriend demographic with this one.