Wouldn't it be awesome to be a celebrity? Not only is everyone trying to give you their products for free -- so you'd never have to buy anything ever again -- sometimes they'll even pay you money just to say you like it. Amazing!

Although, as Teri Hatcher recently learned, the down side is that those gifts often come with strings attached -- $2.4 million strings, to be exact. That's how much Hydroderm skincare is suing the actress for, claiming that she hasn't been endorsing their products exclusively. To quote the court papers: "Hatcher's name, image and likeness have been linked to so many competitors' products (at least 17!) that it is anyone's guess as to what product keeps her skin and lips youthful."

Zing! However, Hatcher and her crack pot team of legal experts have fired back, saying "Hydroderm has embarked on this unjustified and public assault on Teri Hatcher's name, reputation and celebrity in a transparent effort to distract from its own failure to live up to its end of the agreement."

Double zing! There's really no way of knowing who's lying when it comes to this sort of thing, so we'll have to wait for the judges decision. My guess? Both Hatcher and the skincare company will get sick of the bad press and handle it quietly out of court.

But let's hope not -- reading the statements back and forth is like watching a boxing match! I love it!