hourglass shine glossWhen you first take a look at this tube of lip-gloss the only thing you see is glitter. Your immediate reaction probably goes something like this: "Whoa! I am not in the seventh grade anymore get that stuff away from me." You must ignore that inner dialog because this is probably the most fantastic lip-gloss you will ever use.

When you apply it, you don't even see the glitter that was in the tube on your lips. It's like a lip-gloss miracle; the only thing you see is shine. The shine or "extreme sheen" isn't obnoxious and plastic looking like MAC's lip glass (gosh I remember my college days of overdosing on that stuff). The sheen you get is a wet shine that looks sexy and polished.

Another great thing about this gloss is the fact that it isn't sticky like some of those other lip-glosses. The texture is creamy and soft, just beware you will be tempted to continuously rub your lips together which can result in a loss of gloss. So apply, pout and look hot - no rubbing - and you will be just fine