Congratulations to Complete Woman magazine, for going above and beyond the call of duty in celebrity Photoshopping. It's not exactly a secret that no real person can live up to the carefully crafted images that appear on the covers of magazines -- but at least those mags are trying to make the photos look kind of plausible.

This photo of Ashlee Simpson, on the other hand, has been doctored so much that she looks more like a lifeless china doll than an actual human being. Looks like the magazine let their junior photo editor take a crack at this one -- and he went way overboard.

I think most people accept that this kind of photo manipulation is part of the game, but this is just stupid.

Celeb Photoshop Disasters

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To make matters worse, it appears Ashlee didn't even pose for the cover. According to her publicist:
"Ashlee in no way posed for Complete Woman or ever gave them an interview. They apparently purchased outtakes from an old photo shoot years ago and elected on their own to retouch the photo as they wanted to. This supposed 'magazine' has never reached out to us and we did not cooperate with them in any way at all."