Since when did catwalk models start dressing like robots from Star Wars? At first glance, this might look like an uber-nerdy sci-fi fashion convention, but the photo is from an honest-to-goodness runway show. Industry big wigs who attended the event called the looks "edgy, aggressive and urban," but I think most normal people can agree this woman looks half hipster, half C-3PO (the whiny British robot from Episodes IV, V and VI who was always scared he was going to die).

Other designs in the collection look like Stormtroopers (the dudes in white outfits who worked for Darth Vader), the Terminator, and the outfits from Tron.

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Ever since the rise of blogging, social media, etc, it's been cool to be a nerd -- but this is taking geek chic to a whole new level. May The Force be with you if you try dressing like this in public.