Stop Staring dress from Red Dress Shoppe, inspired by 1940s Chanel haute coutureStyleList recently received this plea for help:

I am attending an event themed after Casablanca the movie ... I live in Florida and the event will take place in early February in a 1920's mansion on the bay. I want to dress like Ingrid Bergman in the movie, however, I have no idea where to find anything even close to her style ... Please help!

Lucky for you, Casablanca just happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies, not to mention that I'm a bit of a vintage junkie. Bergman wears a number of styles in this 1942 classic, ranging from feminine two-piece suits to glamorous gowns.

To get the look from the final scene of the movie ("We'll always have Paris"), I recommend searching eBay for "1940s suit". It could take some patience and digging, but when I searched I found some great suits from the right time period here, here, here, and here. If you can't find the perfect suit in the right size (always a problem in the world of vintage), you might also try purchasing a vintage suit pattern on eBay or elsewhere and having a local seamstress make it for you. This way you can have your pick of fabrics and make sure the fit is sublime. Top the whole thing off with this Ingrid Bergman inspired hat from BoringSidney, don your date in a classic trench coat, and you'll be good to go.

Alternately, you could go for an old Hollywood glamour look and emulate Bergman's dress in the "As Time Goes By" scene. Pair an ivory dress, such as the Flutter Ashley Dress by Trashy Diva, with a vintage rhinestone brooch and earrings, and all you need to complete this look is a pair of classic neutral pumps.

Finally, while I'm not sure that this look is an exact movie replica, this fabulous dress by Stop Staring (available at Red Dress Shoppe) is inspired by 1940s Chanel haute couture and it brings to mind classic film stars like Ingrid Bergman. This dress is truly timeless, so it's something you could wear again and again to dinner parties or other corporate functions.