project runway prom dressIt seems to me like both Heidi and Tim know that this season's contestants just aren't quite as interesting than season's past because I have never seen a show with so many odd challenges. In this week's episode the contestants were challenged to work without models (again) and instead with bratty high school students. Their challenge was to design a prom dress for their client that showcased themselves as a designer and that also pleased the client.

The high school students selected designers based on their portfolios and were then able to sit down with the designer to work on the final design. Most of the students were well behaved and worked nicely with the designers. Then there were a few "troubled" students who, like most high school kids, thought they were geniuses.

The most troubling of the bunch was Christian's student (pictured) she stated from the start that she was a designer and knew exactly what she wanted her dress to look like. High school aged designer or not -- her idea of a prom dress was not a good one. Contestant Sweet P also had a difficult student who wanted to wear a backless white gown, not exactly prom material. This challenge soon became a wrestling match ... student versus designer.

In the end, the designers who didn't buckle under the pressure of a bratty high school kid came up on top. Sweet P who rejected the idea of making a white backless dress and opted for a more tasteful champagne colored dress, ended up in the top three. Christian, however, decided to listen to his client and ended up in the bottom three.

In the end Sweet P didn't take home the top spot and Christian didn't go home. The winner of the challenge was Victoria who quietly designed a youthful blue mini dress, to me it didn't look much like a prom dress but it was cute. The loser of the challenge was Kevin who designed a red halter style dress that look more appropriate for the street corner than the high school dance floor.