There's plenty of ways to spruce up your bath-time experience. Check out your local Bath & Body Works and you'll find thousands of oddly-scented soaps, candles, lotions, salts, rubs, and whatever else you can possible imagine -- all designed to soothe, or invigorate, or rejuvenate...or something.
Obviously this is all a little beyond me, but my fiance thinks it's great, and I'm glad it makes her happy.

But this latest bathing trend is slightly more off-putting. It's called Gelicity bath, and -- at least as far as I can tell -- it turns your bath water into an icky blue goo.

Extra odd stuff for your bathroom

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On the one hand, the gunk is infused with lavender, jasmine and begomot, which, if you're into smelling like flowers, is probably pretty cool. Plus, the "gel" stays hot for three times longer than water -- not bad. However, the stuff is so gelatinous that you won't be able to exit the bath until you've added a dissolving powder that turns the sludge back into liquid.

Does that sound creepy to anyone else? For more info, check out the marketing video -- the best part is listening to the narrator try desperate to make words like "gel" sound as sensual as possible.

[via Shiny Shiny]