edie sedgwick andy warholThere are fashion icons and then are my fashion icons -- Edie is mine. This fascinating little lady turned the 1960's upside down with her dynamically different sense of style.

Being surrounded by the arts her entire life as an art student and then later by being Andy Warhol's muse, made her style unlike anyone else's at the time. Her 15 minutes of fame were 15 minutes well spent as far as the fashion industry was concerned.

Known for wearing shoulder sweeping earrings, black tights, leotards, extreme eye makeup and short bleached blond hair -- within minutes of being on the scene every girl was dressing just like her.

Sienna Miller played Edie Sedgwick in the movie 'Factory Girl' and reintroduced some 60's elements into our wardrobes today. To snag Edie's look isn't challenging and is a heck of a lot of fun.

Edie Sedgwick Closet Staples:
  • Shoulder sweeping earrings
  • Short bleached blond hair
  • Tons of eye makeup
  • Black tights
  • Leopard print furs

Edie Sedgwick

Edie SedgwickEdie SedgwickEdie SedgwickEdie SedgwickEdie and Andy