Your wedding day: it's not called The Big Fifteen Minute Ceremony or The Big Reception. It's called The Big Day, and that's because the whole day is an event, if you allow it to be. From the moment you wake up (Woo hoo! I'm getting married today!) to the moment you fall asleep next to your new husband, this is a day for celebration. And major celebrations require outfit changes, right?

And so, while you've put a lot of thought into your wedding dress (and probably what you'll wear on your wedding night), you might not have considered your Getting Ready Attire. But, no worries -- I'm here to help.

You need to determine what exactly your pre-wedding routine will consist of. Are you going out to get your nails done? Hair? Is your champagne supply fully stocked? If you're out on the town getting ready, you can still announce your big plans with a tee or a hoodie like this or this. Of course, you can always announce your soon-to-be-married status with your undies, but I tend to believe you should probably save those for your hubby.

If you're fortunate enough to have your vendors coming to you, you can hole up in your suite in a comfy, custom robe. A bonus with the robe -- you can get your sweetie one to match so you can cuddle up in style on your honeymoon!

One last thing to keep in mind -- you DO NOT want to have to pull a t-shirt over your updo and makeup, so a button-down top or wrap will save you some stress.