Remember that Seinfeld episode with the European carry-all? The one where Jerry bought a handbag, and then he tried to convince himself that it's not a purse, but he couldn't? Well, guys in London are all over the man-purse these days and they don't care what Seinfeld thinks -- only they call it a "holdall." It's just a bag really, a gym bag or similar cloth+zipper+handles accessory, preferably made out of leather.

Really these things are a great idea, us guys need a "holdall" to carry around our computers, books and other junk these days. The thing is -- it's still a murse. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you've got to be able to admit it; otherwise you're just lying to yourself. Personally, I'm more likely to go with the briefcase, because no matter how cheap or beat up, briefcases always look powerful.

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