Trend Alert: Cut-out Swimsuits

Sure it's the end of January and it's freezing cold outside but it's never too early to think about swimsuit season. Now is the perfect time to hit the gym and tailor your diet for your big bikini body reveal! But the reality is those cookies are just way too good to put down. The diet can be put off for another month, right? Sure it can, I won't tell...

Ease your way into bikini season with 2008's hottest piece of swimwear, a cut-out swimsuit which is a little more racy than a one-piece and not as revealing as a two-piece. The cut-out swimsuit is perfect for those who want to conceal a less-than-perfect middle or for those who want something a little different than the average swimsuit. Just beware you are pretty much guaranteed to get a really strange look tan line.