Library of Congress adds fashionable photos from 1939-1945 to FlickrI just found out about the amazing collection of color photographs from the 1930s and 1940s that the Library of Congress has just made available via Flickr. This set is comprised of over 1,600 photographs taken during the Great Depression and World War II. Being a history geek and a huge follower of vintage fashions, I naturally found this collection extremely inspiring.

This is a massive collection of photos to sift through. Believe me -- I know because I just did it. But I did manage to gather some of my favorite fashionable photographs from these collections. They are filled with beautiful colors, amazingly coifed hair, utilitarian and military stylings, and loads of fashion inspiration. If you're a fan of vintage or retro fashions like I am, I urge you to take a peek, or check out the Library of Congress blog for more info on this amazing project.

[Via Mental Floss]

Library of Congress Makes Flickr Fashionable

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