Guys, remember when you turned 18 and you got a free Gillette disposable razor in the mail? Since then, maybe you graduated to the electric razor or some fancy turbo 10-blade number. Regardless, don't you feel like something's missing from our modern shaving experience? Some kind of old school craftsmanship, maybe? Today's disposable razors aren't simply taking the fun out of shaving, they're leaving us all with poor shaves and razor burn.

How's about taking a trip back in time, where men were men and a clean shave was a work of art. The old fashioned 'wet shave' is making a comeback these days, and that means you can acquire some classic shaving tools that will last you can use forever. You'll feel like a dapper gent after your morning shave and you'd be taking part in the gentlemanly tradition enjoyed by greats like Hemingway and John Wayne. Whether you choose a safety razor -- like the one pictured -- or the even more badass straight razor, you're going to get a better shave with less irritation.

Most of us who use disposables and electric razors spend a few minutes every day fighting a stubborn patch somewhere on the underside of our jaw -- only to leave behind a splotchy raw spot on our neck for the rest of the morning. Shaving with a traditional razor means you'll only be using one blade, rather than chewing up your face with multiple blades. Not to mention, traditional shave soaps and creams are made using natural ingredients, so you're not shoving stinky chemical products into the nicks in your face.

[via ArtofManliness]