Not content with just creating a little person inside her womb, Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have decided to launch a clothing line called Hank Evie, named for the nicknames they call each other.

Yeah, I have no idea where those nicknames came from, either.

Urban already trademarked the name in the United States and Australia. Currently, only concert t-shirts are being sold under the label, but the couple intends to add pajamas, boxers, and belt buckles to the collection. It is this blogger's assumption that the clothing for the women will be wrinkle-free and the clothing for the men will have unfortunately placed, straw colored streaks.

We might not be seeing Hank Evie at Fashion Week anytime soon, but that might be okay. The duo has confirmed that they will be welcoming an even more highly-anticipated creation before too long, though no word has been given on when.