fall 2008 nautica fashion show topless male modelAt 9:00am in the tents of Bryant Park and Fashion Week has officially begun. The show to kick off the event was Nautica because there is nothing like hot male models to wake up sleepy fashionistas. I think a lot we fashion folk were sleeping because the turn out was relatively low. There were lots of empty seats (thank you Rachel from the Charolette Observer for pulling a no show) and not a lot of celebrities in the audience. Most notable celebs were Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model and Chris Noth from Sex and the City (hello, Mr. Big).

Nautica certainly did everything in their power to wake us up at 9:00am, that for sure. The show started with music by The Killers, which was so loud it shook the seats and video of sporty boats in the background. The real wake up call was when the lights came on to show a parade of super hotties with perfect bone structure and more perfect bodies.

Nautica: Fall 2008

Nautica Fall FashionNautica Fall 2008Nautica Fall 2008Nautica Fall 2008Nautica Fall 2008

But enough about the male hotties (for now) let's get on with the clothes. The color palette was mostly navy, yellow, light gray, and a few browns were thrown in. I have to say I was not a fan of the brown and neither was Chris Noth as he totally made a vomit face as a brown puffer vest went down the runway.

The shapes of the collection really appealed to me. Lots of hoods, including some sweet hooded cable knit sweaters. There were also extra high, extra cozy turtleneck as well as pretty striped scarves to keep warm with this Fall. Some of the duds of the show included velvet tuxedo jackets paired with nylon pants and double-breasted blazers.

My overall rating of the show was a so/so that was until all of models came out topless for the final walk. The moral of this runway tale is that half naked male models make a so/so show perfection!