The funny thing about the ex-bad guy is that he was never really a bad person, it's just that his uniform was just the wrong color. He spent a long time trying to forget his days as a torturer interrogator, but sometimes it all comes rushing back. On the island, his hippie hair makes him seem harmless, but don't be fooled -- he can snap you neck with both hands tied behind his back. Literally.

The ex-bad guy lucked out in the crash and found an assortment of tank tops somewhere in the wreckage. He likes the muscle shirt not only because it shows off his fighting physique, but there are no stupid sleeves to get in the way during a life or death situation. As for trousers, this guy was made for cargo pants -- the only pants that offer enough pockets for an ex-Republican Guard officer.

Sayid is a gadget freak and his knowledge of electronics makes him indispensable to the outfit. He's not really a Sharper Image guy, he's more of the Radio Shack type. He's the type that gets excited over things like a nice set of Craftsman tools or a really sharp knife. His motto is: just in case.

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