We're all used to seeing our favorite celebs on TV, magazine covers, and in movies -- but as you're probably well aware, the lights, make-up (and excessive use of Photoshop) make already attractive people into shockingly gorgeous uber-humans. So what do they look like for real?

Victoria Beckham, apparently, is one celeb who's hottness doesn't hold up when you get up close and personal. At the Marc Jacobs after party following the designer's runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, one guest told New York Magazine he'd "commit suicide" if he had Posh's complexion, because "Her skin is yellow with big pores." So big, in fact that "Each pore you could fit a big [piece of] caviar in."


Posh up close: Are her pores really that big?

Victoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

Though, it's worth noting that the guest was Michael Lucas, a porn star. Not that his profession completely derails his credibility, but anyone who's willing to have sex on camera with random strangers just so they can be in "movies" would probably say anything for a little attention. I'm just sayin'.