For a long time now there has been a problem in the fashion industry with clothes that are too tiny, being worn by models that are too thin, walking down runways that are probably too small. This, in turn, has affected the average celebrity who now also feels the need to wear a size zero in order to fit into designer sample clothing. And that has now changed the way we regular women feel about ourselves as well. The pressure from society and the media to be smaller and smaller is more intense than ever!

But, one thing has remained constant in during the thin is in era. Normal men have professed their love for normal size women. Polls are always coming out claiming that men prefer real women with curves, or that guys like a girl with a little meat on her bones.

Not so, says Amanda Fortini, in this month's Elle Magazine. At 5'6" she actually got down to about 100 pounds, and says that men were actually much more into her at that weight. I was actually shocked to hear what she had to say about her experience as a super thin waif of a woman. Amanda wrote, "Many men, I quickly learned, really do like frighteningly lean women, whatever they may claim to the controversy. As an average, medium-size young woman, I was unremarkable, innocuous. As a skinny slip of a thing, I was something of a sensation. In restaurants and at parties, men flirted at me extravagantly...As a male friend once put it to me, semifacetiously, 'A little anorexia is hot.'"

Turns out that Amanda actually had a tropical parasite in her intestines, digesting her food for her. Hmm, are parasites the new binge and purge?

Anyways, men, I'd love to hear what you think. Is it true that someone who looks a little anorexic is hot? Be honest!

Via Big Fat Deal.