In preparation for the Oscars this Sunday, we've picked the more gloriously horrible red carpet disasters from previous years. Click through to see the fashion carnage!

A lot of responsibility comes with being Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, she wakes up in the morning tall, blonde, thin, and beautiful, and all she has to do is put on a pretty dress, brush her golden locks, and head out the door. Apparently, it's not that easy. Apparently, when one has all those things in her favor, she feels the need to really mess it all up in order to make her fans feel better about themselves.

At least, that's the ONLY way I can explain this goth and Tyson chicken cutlet-inspired dress from the 2002 Oscars. Yikes. And she looks like she knows it with the apologetic smile and extra slouch. She's lucky she's had so many hits -- I'm willing to let her off the hook for this one. Sort of.

Worst Oscar Styles EVER

Kim Basinger, 1990Geena Davis, 1992Melanie Griffith, 2005Uma Thurman, 2004Celine Dion, 1999

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