Other than Isaac Mizrahi's infamous ScarJo boob bobble, the red carpet has been fairly tame in recent years. Where is the witty commentary, the point blank assault we knew and loved for years?

Never fear! Joan and Melissa Rivers ARE BACK, and this time, they're using the internet. AOL's StyleList.com has joined forces with the founders of red carpet commentary to give us the rundown on this year's Academy Awards. I, for one, can't wait. I mean, who else says things like, "That's what you get for hiring a straight hairdresser," or, "We're all here trying to figure out how many Smurfs died to make that dress." Tactful, they definitely are not. Sane, most likely they are not. But, they both have a wicked sense of humor, and many of the red carpet devotees will be welcoming that back with open arms.

Are you excited? Get red carpet ready (at least emotionally) with Joan and Melissa's Oscars quiz, and report back in with your results!