spanxIt's always good start with a solid foundation -- and by "solid foundation," I'm talking about keeping your curvaceous curves from wiggling, jiggling, and bulging all over the place. In the past, we could rely on the control top of pantyhose, but no one, and I mean no one, still wears pantyhose, do they? Do they?!?!

Since we don't get control top, and given that Dr. 90210's appointment book is probably filled up until 2010 (the stitches wouldn't heal by the time you had to go to your event anyway), the best thing we can do to tuck in our tummies is a girdle. Don't be afraid of the word. I know it sounds like some horrible thing that your grandmother used to wear in the '50s, but these days, we can call them "shapers." Spanx is an entire line of underthings that help "shape" us where we might have a little too much shape.

So suck it in, spank it into place, and don't breathe for the rest of the night.