No more speculation, I think it's safe to say that Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Either that, or she has a severely swollen belly button. Brangelina debuted the bump at the Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend.

Since we've been talking gown and tux red carpet fashion non-stop since the Oscar's last night, I figured we might as well revisit some of the more casual styles that showed up at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Let's just say that Ellen Page should be glad Angelina decided to show off the spermination because it took attention off the fact that Ellen herself wore a suit and a skinny tie. The blogs have been ragging on her to stop dressing like a teenage girl, so she did. Now she's dressing like a teenage boy.

French actress Emmanuelle Seigner's outfit was nothing more than pure insanity. First of all, if it's cold enough for a long sleeved jacket and a ridiculously long scarf, it's probably not warm enough for bare legs. Second of all, why go with metallic gold shoes and then a metallic silver purse? You don't have to matchy match, but some color coordination is always good. And thirdly, why go with those particular metallic gold shoes at all? Ankle-booty gold slippers are not your friend.

Also, Zach Braff, what's up with the racing stripe down the side of your wrinkly gray suit? And why the homeless man hair? Does Scrubs really have to end? So many unanswered questions...

But, I'm full of more than just haterade today. I have nothing but love for Keri Russell's baby blue dress with a cute big belt. Sienna Miller looked pretty as well, if not a little bit overdressed for the occasion. And Jada Pinkett Smith was lovely in her white dress even though she had me wondering if it was a tid bit nippy out.

Browse through the galleries to see what everyone wore and let me know what you think!

Independent Spirit Awards