Can you remember a time when the high/low collaborations we have all come to love didn't exist?

A place where coveting knit dresses and handbags from Target was unheard of and the only place you could find affordable high fashion was on Bluefly -- and even then it was all of last season's impeccably tailored skirts and trousers.

Better yet, can you remember a time when you couldn't swing by Forever21, Urban Outfitters, or Charlotte Russe to pick up one of those camisoles that look eerily similar to the constructed tops championed by Proenza Schouler for under twenty dollars?

Well, neither can I. I've become so accustomed to buying designer booty for less that once a cool indie label pops up on my radar I know Target will be courting them shortly. But this isn't just a stateside phenomenon, the Europeans have caught the high/low bug too.

Topshop, London's favorite high street store, recently teamed up with Scotsmen Christopher Kane for another limited-edition capsule collection. I'm loving this gray linen waistcoat dress. It's incredibly chic and it will only set you back 120 Euros ($177).

at Topshop