Since she's a former exotic dancer, I had expected something a bit more risque from Diablo Cody (screenwriter of Juno) at this year's Oscars. And while animal print is on the daring end of prints, there's no danger of naughty bits being exposed, and for that, I'm totally happy. In fact, I rather love her whole red carpet look -- she's funky, fashionable, and looks comfortable with her choice.

And what's even better is she has a style that regular folks can totally emulate. Do you like it? Do you want to take this look home? No problem -- here's what you do:
  • Go wild -- Find an animal print that suits you, then decide where you want to wear it. I have a fab set of leopard print pajamas, but for wearing out in public, generally a full outfit of animal print is a bit much. Stick to a shirt or an accessory, like a scarf or headband.
  • Be dramatic -- The reason Diablo rocks this dress is because the rest of her look is very dramatic -- the straight cut of her bangs and hair, the dark hair color, and the dark red lips all play nicely off the wild animal print.
  • Beware the bustline -- Be careful if you're wearing a style that drapes down from the bust like this. While the neckline itself is flattering, the dress doesn't cut in at all below the bust, which can hide any bulges, but it also leads your public to speculate about what you might be hiding. If you've got a waist to show, you might want to grab a belt.