This was a fierce battle of the ages between little 15-year-old Miley Cyrus and 62 year old Helen Mirren. Both were beautiful ladies in red at the Oscars so I thought we'd pit them off against each other in spite of their 47 year age difference.

Let me start by saying that Helen Mirren is fierce. And no, I did not say fierce for her age. She's fierce for any age! Her gown was awesome, it totally showed off her rocking body. Her makeup, with perfectly matched lips and nails finished off the look and made it look very polished. With so much going on in the sleeves, I think it was wise that she didn't go with a necklace. That would have been too much.

And Miley looked amazing as well! I was thrilled to see her dressing for her age. She didn't look too old or too young, just too cute for words! Her hair and makeup were simple and worked perfectly for this fresh-faced up and coming star. Little Hannah Montana is all grown up! I'm going to give this battle to Miley. What can I say? She has youth on her side.