Words like natural and organic sure get tossed around a lot in the beauty industry. According to The Organic Beauty Expert, Burt's Bees might want to back off on the natural terminology, which could be tough since their new campaign is Natural Versus.

Burt's Bees recently teamed with Mike Indursky, who did wonders with L'Oreal in terms of boosting sales. However, the target market for Burt's Bees is a little different than that for L'Oreal -- they care more about how their products are made than which celebrity swears by them. And the hardcore natural beauty girls are a bit more educated about what should be in their products -- they're not just going to take a fancy schmancy ad at face value. So, Burt's Bees is causing some natural beauty enthusiasts to get their hemp panties in a bunch, not because the products aren't good -- they offer some great products -- but because the new campaign exudes a holier-than-thou feel, like Burt's Bees is all natural and so very, very good for you, and everything else is not. For women who read their labels, this isn't going to fly because (according to The Organic Beauty Expert, who obviously is more well-versed in these things than I) there are ingredients included that aren't entirely natural.

Burt's Bees is making an effort to be seen as the leaders in natural beauty, and many women will probably see these ads, buy the products, and feel really good about it. And that's okay. However, if you are adamant that your beauty products are entirely natural, you should never go strictly by the company's marketing strategies -- do the research and make up your own mind.