If you haven't yet heard of Cory Kennedy, you will. This internet it girl turned fashionista is the next big thing on the fashion scene. She's just 17 but she's already making her influence known.

Two years ago she was at a club when Mark Hunter, aka The Cobrasnake snapped her picture. He uploaded the photograph onto his website and noticed a huge surge of hits, and people asking who this girl was. The fashion community wanted to know more about her. Cory's Myspace friends began growing exponentially (she now has 14,182 friends as of this morning).

Somehow this pseudo celebrity parlayed itself into real celebrity. On a vacation to N.Y.C. with her family Cory stopped by the Nylon magazine offices. They asked her to do a photo shoot the next day. She has since been mentioned in tons of major publications, including the New York Times. And she does photo shoots around the world (last I read on her blog she was paid to go to Paris to do a spread). The funny thing about all this modeling that she does, is that she does not actually look like a model. She's not tall, she's not pretty per say, but there's something in her eyes that draws you in and keeps you wanting to know more.

Read more The sense of style she's developed over the years is unique and hard to describe. She's sometimes grunge-rock, sometimes heroine chic, and almost always vintage. I'm pretty sure she does Olsen style better than the Olsens themselves. Fashion designers like Vincent Gallo and Jeremy Scott call her their muse.

Cory has a blog which has developed a cult-like following. It is not well written, yet it's incredibly interesting to read. The blog is mostly pictures of Cory with friends, some famous, some not, all dressed like homeless people who happened to find designer clothing in the garbage bin.

And she has a habit of name dropping in her blog. She uses lowercase initials only -- l.l. for Lindsay Lohan, b.s. for Britney Spears. Hanging out with people like that at 16? It's no wonder her mom threw into boarding school when she found out what was going on!

Based on what Cory writes she seems incredibly bla about her fame, yet still totally into it. She even uploads scans of which magazines and other publications run photos of her every day.

Pretty much everything this girl wears is hideous, yet somehow strangely fascinating. She puts on a tattered plaid dress with combat boots and a necklace she probably stole from kindergarten arts and crafts time. Your immediate reaction is WTF?!? And then immediately following that you start to wonder, could I pull that off?

No. The answer is no. No one else can pull off a crazy quite like Cory Kennedy.

Cory Kennedy