zac posenWell this hardly seems fair! We (USA) get a Target collection from Milla Jovovich and they (Australia) get a collection from Zac Posen. No offense Milla but if I were given a choice I would take Zac, sorry.

Everyone's favorite young designer, Zac Posen will debut his red carpet looks to Target on April 3rd in Australia. One piece in his collection that many people are excited about is the white gown Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl wore at the Emmy Awards. The dress will retail at $299.99, which may sound high but can you imagine what the original couture gown costs? Yeah, under $300 is sounding more like a deal isn't it! The Heigl dress will be the most expensive piece in the collection and only 50 will be made. The rest of the collection won't be so expensive, prices will start at $49.99 (for a belt).

I for one am excited to see the collection even though I think Target is out of their ever loving minds for selling $300 dresses and $50 belts -- don't care who designed it this is Target please give me a real deal.