According to the Glamour Fashion Blog (and apparently Parisian women), neon colors are back -- specifically acid green. I don't know about you, but I remember this trend from the first time around. Fortunately, at that point, I was tan, blonde, thin ... and a kid, and therefore I didn't really care about whether it was flattering. I only cared that it was cool.

My sense of personal style has evolved (somewhat) since then, and while I'm actually kind of excited about neon colors being acceptable again, I'm also nervous about how to wear them. I'm pretty sure acid green isn't the most flattering color for me.

Neon is, like, totally back

Totally tubularThat's hot ... hot pinkMuted neon (is that an oxymoron?)Bright sunshiny dayAcid green and totally rad
Well, not only did the Glamour Fashion Blog inform me that neons are back, but they also gave me tips on how to wear them:

  • Use black or neutral to balance out the bold hue.

  • Keep accessories minimal -- don't match your bangles and hoops to your neon mini.

  • Neon on the bottom half is a little less daring because it's not next to your face.

  • Opaque black tights always work.
Like, I'm so totally geeked to jump on this rad trend!