Back in 2000 or so, when I watched Gladiator for the first time, I remember it spurred a number of thoughts. Things like, "Can one person really make a difference like that?" and "Russell Crowe really shouldn't wear a shirt. Ever."

But, I'm quite sure I didn't contemplate how to bring the fashion into my own life.

Whether I planned it or not, the gladiator sandal is making a big appearance this spring. According to Style Bakery (don't you love that name? Like they're baking up yummy, fresh styles just for me!), the gladiator sandal is poised to be an "it" shoe this season.

You can pair it with casual looks, like tie-dye or denim, or get funky by pairing them with more formal looks. Of course, you could always wear a toga ...

Gladiator Sandals: Hot Item for 2008

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