If you've ever watched an episode of TLC's What Not to Wear, you have seen the importance of dressing to accommodate your body type. It seems like people should know this instinctively -- choose clothes that accentuate the positive and disguise the negative aspects of our bodies. However, in an era of skinny jeans and cap-sleeve tees, it's hard for women (and men, too, I'm sure) to sort through the trends and find pieces that flatter their body but look like they're still from this season.

Well, ladies, I -- er, I mean iVillage -- has a fabulous tool (thanks for bringing it to my attention, Chatterbox). It's called the Figure Flatterer (clever, I know), and it gives you tips on what to wear (or avoid) if you dislike certain body parts. For example, if you have Big Arms, it gives you a rundown of the best jackets, dresses, and accessories, as well as examples of shirts and necklines you should not wear, EVER.

Regardless of what you're trying to show off or hide, keep this in mind -- if it's not the right size, it will look wrong. You can follow the Figure Flatterer's advice to a T, but if you insist on wearing a size 6 and you need to bump up to an 8 or a 10 for certain styles, swallow your pride and do it, because wearing something that fits properly is the quickest way to flatter any figure.

Flatter your figure

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