Jean Paul Gaultier must have wanted to go for the shock effect because he sent a model down the runway smoking a cigarette during Monday's Hermes show. I guess that's what happens if the clothes on their own are not interesting enough to get people talking.

Really, I do understand the look he was going for. The model was dressed in a mature, elegant coat and belt combo. Jean Paul probably thought that the cigarette would add sophistication.

But, c'mon! In this day and age we know better. I thought we had moved beyond the whole idea that smoking is glamorous and into the smoking kills, black lungs and hacking coughs are not glamorous era.

Is smoking on the runway a do or a don't?
It's a total do. Smoking is glamorous and the model's look wouldn't be complete without the cigarette.57 (32.8%)
It's a definite don't. Cigarettes being glam is so old school.117 (67.2%)

Browse through the gallery and tell me what you think. Are these clothes good enough to stand on their own, or did they need the publicity stunt in order to be noticed?

John Paul Gaultier for Hermes

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